Monday, January 21, 2008

Sankofa Literary Society Black History Month Online Book Fair

Greetings Literary Family!

The Sankofa Literary Society is hosting 29 days of Black History totally online and over the telephone. It is a month celebration of our literature, art, music and community leaders. I would like for each of you to personally take part in the 29-day Black History Month Online Book Fair. This is a community event for all of us ages 6-106! Please visit the main site and post your articles, poems, stories, promotionc or answer the feeds already started. We are here to let all of our voices be heard! Join us as we make history Feb. 1-29, 2008. Authors, readers, activist, and the media are all welcomed to share feedback and suggestions toward making this event a powerful impact on our future generations.

Please support our African-American authors, poets, artists, and bookclubs by attending the daily chats in our chatroom and by calling in nightly to share in the informative panel discussions. We will discuss all aspects of the State of African-American people in 2008 and beyond. We are discussing literacy, our relationships, the AIDS epidemic, domestic violence, and paying tribute to those leaders working hard to bring about a positive change. Our central theme is: Our Vision Driven by Some Higher Power. The event takes place from one central site for the entire month of Feb. Check it out!

Main Black History Month Websitehttp://edc1creation s.squarespace. com/welcome

Family, I need teachers, youth leaders, children authors, historians, and community leaders to come out and show your support at the daily events. If you have a group or organization that is working to better our community--please contact Ella to setup a day to showcase the group. Email: Ella@edc-creations. com

Authors, Book Clubs, Reviewers, and Literary Service Providers, call in and record your podcasts for the Black History Month Program. You are given 15 minutes to make a statement discussing your book or business and why Black History Month is important.

You can read very short excerpts, poems, quotes, or scriptures. Keep it to exactly 15 minutes or under! These will be played on our SLS pages, added to the book club center and on the Black Author Network Radio. I need all podcasts by Jan. 25, 2008. Do not hang up if you mess up! Immediate hit the # key and restart. If you hang up --you mess me up! Email Ella once you make the recording and tell me that it is there. edc_dg@yahoo. com

Please listen a community profile podcast by Brian E. Curtis:
http://paradigmshif taap.vox. com/library/ post/brian- e-curtis. html

Why Black History is Important 365
Allow children and young adults to record too!
Record your podcasts now: (214) 615-6505 ext. 9530 No charge to call (long distance may apply)

I need the following people to participate in the 29 days of Black History:

Our Elders from the real Civil Rights era
Folk tale/Story tellers
Bookstore owners
University Debate team members
Online community leaders
Authors with Black History Titles
AA firsts--are you an originator
All Greeks
People who attended the Million Man March
Jena Six leaders and supporters
Black Writers Guilds
Million Women Strong supporters
AA musicians and entertainers
MochaMoms and Jack & Jill
High School history teachers
Social workers who deal with foster care
Urban Lit writers to defend the craft
Citizens to defend rap, hip/hop culture
Literary Event promoters
Women against domestic violence
Breast Cancer Awareness groups
Authors who have signed books at Karibu Books
Women of the Civil Rights Movement
Black Panthers new and old
NAACP, SCLC, and Urban League members
Publishing Companies
Book Club Founders--your history
Newspaper writers, journalist, and editors
Literary Service business providers
Professors of African-American literature, history, and art
Musicians, Artists, and Poets with BHM themes
Young Adult leaders and students to read BHM poems

Do you have topics that you think the African-American community needs to address in this nationally syndicated forum? Please email Ella panel discussion or chat topics you think we need to cover. I would really appreciate any help I can get in bringing our news and events to the world during these 29 days of Black History.

Thank you in advance for any and all support offered to make this historic event a glowing success. Please sign up for my newsletter so we can all continue to work on supporting the African-American community in its pursuit of real unity!

Ella Curry, President/CEO of EDC Creations
Founder of the Sankofa Literary Society
Founder of the Black Authors Network
Marketing Director, A GOOD BOOK
Literary Director, POWER MAGAZINE

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