Sunday, May 11, 2008

Will He Ever Propose?

I moved in with my boyfriend shortly after we started dating. I thought we'd be engaged and married very soon after that. I was wrong. Instead, we lived together for over four years, without ever getting married. He told me that he was comfortable with our arrangement and lost his burning desire to put that ring on my finger because he had everything a marriage brings, except no piece of paper or ring between us. I finally broke up with him, because I knew he'd never marry me. It was difficult, but I think if we had not lived together, things might have worked out differently.

We hate to say it ladies, but we all know someone who has lived with a man for several years with the promise of marriage only to learn that the man has no intentions of marriage. To make matters worse, our friends meet up with their former man a few months later and he reports he is either married or getting married. What's wrong with this picture? Women what the hell are you thinking?

Grandmama used to say, "Why should he buy the cow if the milk is free?" Good question.

Ladies we teach people how to treat us. We must learn to set boundaries in our relationships. If we always do what we've always done, then we'll always get what we've always got.

Honor and respect yourselves. Stop living with these men that have no intention of marrying you now or ever. At least set some ground rules for the relationship. You can do bad all by yourself. It's not the end of the world to be alone.

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