Sunday, October 26, 2008

Somebody Prayed For Me

Broken, bruised, and even betrayed, but not forgotten.

Have your burdens ever been so heavy that you didn't have the strength to pray for yourself? Your spirit is broken, your body is bruised, and you have been betrayed by those who you've trust to love and protect you. Or maybe you just feel alone and cold in this world feeling like no one understands what you're going through.

Even when you can’t find the strength to pray for yourself, someone in this world is praying for you.

The inspirational pieces in Somebody Prayed For Me only reminds us of the power of prayer.

When God’s children bend their knees and bow their heads in prayer, it’s not about knowing the person they’re praying for. It’s all about knowing and believing in God. Do you believe? Do you feel in your heart that prayer changes things?

We believe. Even in this some times violent world, there is hope if only we believe. If only we pray for each other and hold tight to our faith in God. Pray for someone because somebody already prayed for you.

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