Saturday, November 15, 2008

State of the Black Union

The State of the Black Union is at a crossroad. The Election of Barack Obama as the first African American President of the United States signals a change. But, this change will not come from the White House. It will come from our house.

Obama's election has removed one of the last remaining barriers to the glass ceiling. The African American community must now release the excuses of the past and come together collectively to take responsibility for our outcomes.

As a participating blogger in the State of the Black Union 10th anniversary celebration, I am prepared to provide commentary on issues that affect our communities. (i.e.,poverty, single parent families, domestic, etc.)

I was a teen mother who was abused in my first marriage. I eventually divorced and became a single mother. I was never on welfare and I did not receive child support from my ex-husband.

I am now an author, educator, inspirational speaker, talk show host, and entrepreneur. Therefore, I have a unique perspective on the solutions necessary to effectuate the type of change that we seek.

Dialogue is so important now with all of the controversial issues that we face. My input will cause people to think about taking individual responsibility for their choices and understanding that the only person over whom they have control is themselves. Therefore, individuals are ultimately responsible for the changes that are made in their lives.

I seek to help people understand that we all teach people how to treat us and therefore, if we want to develop positive relationships, we must create positive lessons for those around us by allowing only respectful, mutually empowering, interactions with those around us. Anything less can no longer be tolerated.

I am all about transparency and speaking the truth in love, even if it means that sometimes a few feelings may be hurt in the process: The ultimate goal is edification; getting people to understand their own worth and the contributions they can make by inspiring, encouraging, and empowering people to make a difference.

Coverage of the event will not only be included in my blog, but it will also be included during my internet radio show and in my online magazine Through syndication, social networking groups such as the National Business Women Enterprises Network, Black Business Women Online, the Black Authors Showcase and The Black Authors Network will also benefit from the information that I cover during the State of the Black Union 10th anniversary. This will bring an entirely new base of people to the discussions like never before. Blogs posted to these sites through syndication will allow participants to dialogue about the issues being discussed during the State of the Black Union. This input can then be brought back to the table and opened for discussion during the event.

I look forward to participating in the State of the Union 10th anniversary and I hope that the solutions brought forth will be utilized for the purpose of uplifting our community.

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