Sunday, November 16, 2008

Young World (Thoughts & Reflections

Young World

Let’s talk about remembering when,
What the youth today would call way back then.
We all went through the teenage fad,
We mad out even though we really never had.

Didn’t matter who didn’t have the newest of new or best of best
We put the ting of teenage jealousy completely to rest.
There was no thought of violence, self hatred, no inner rage
We understood we wouldn’t have just because
And our parents worked hard for their little pay.

We had inbred pride with a fix on looking good
It didn’t matter if we came from the hood.
We smoked marijuana, drank boones and went to school
Mostly for the social scenes
We wore big fros, bell bottoms, hot pants and cut off jeans.

We came to represent, yes, our bloodlines, a heritage
If you please….
We would never wear our pants with the waist
down at our knees.

Our language was sopped, and misunderstood
But with each negative, beneath it,
We all were motivated to be the best we could.

By any means necessary, Black Power, was our cry
Most of us now parents are yelling loudly, WHY!!
What happened to the morals and inner rots of way back then?
What happened to our children respecting the neighborhoods, the elderly, families and friends?

Blame it on drugs
Say society pushed violence and unprotected sex in their face,
Blame it on TV. streets, welfare,
and family service representatives taking our place.

Blame it on fathers with no jobs, dead beat dads, and mothers thinking pregnancy is a temporary fad
Blame it on the working parents, who can’t stay home,
Blame it on latch key children being left alone.

Blame it on ignorance
Blame it on innocence
Blame it on them you see
But these children don’t belong to programs or the streets,
They belong to you and me.

Blame yourself when you choose to ignore
what is placed before our youth
You act as though you have no “Couth”

“Couth”, you know the word Grandma used to say.
“Couth”, the way you behaved when it wasn’t the right way.

Get back to the raising of way back then
What kept you alive was not just luck
But God’s purpose for you my friend.

We must save the Teens
Our youth, from their own destruction
Look back to your younger days for the chapters
Filled with the solutions and instructions.

Copyright (c) 2000
Thoughts & Reflections
Author, Nanette M. Buchanan

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