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Mom's the Word

Marilynn Griffith stops by today to provide a peek into her world of motherhood and family. She's the author of eight novels, mother to seven children, wife to a deacon and proof of God’s enduring mercy. You can catch Marilynn sharing her family adventures all week on the Mom's the Word Blog Tour.

To a Thousand Generations

"Know therefore that the LORD thy God, he [is] God, the faithful God,
which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations;" (Deuteronomy 7:9, KJV)

There is a lot of teaching available about generational curses, but
you rarely hear people teach on generational blessings. I always think about whoever that person was in my family line who prayed that first salvation prayer, not knowing that so many others would be blessed behind him. And blessed we have been. I was just talking to a friend
about my cousin Mike, who can put together an event on a dime (and with a dime!) and seems to know everyone on earth. Another person who knows many of my relatives commented to me lately,"Y'all are just blessed to know stuff. All of you!" I think that really is a thirst for knowledge that was imparted to all of us by my grandmother Goldie. She had what can best be explained as...a low tolerance for stupidity.

Now, here I am with a family of my own. I long to leave a legacy of faith in them. My husband and I pray for our children to out-believe us, out-give us, out-serve us and out-love us. We want them to take the next step in seeing God's glorious destiny come to pass, knowing
that Jesus might likely come in their generation. What would happen today if our children were separated from us and the Bible taken away from them? Would they know what we think they would know? I wonder.

The other thing my family has is a great business sense (I didn't quite get that so strong, I'm more of a creative type, but I get by). One of my daughters has it quite strongly and another has a great way with people and has a great mantle of grace on her. My sons range from music to prophecy to sports and back again, but some of them love business too. Before I wrote Made of Honor, my daughters and I had a seasonal soap company. They made many of the products all by themselves (lip balm, bath bombs, salts, salves, etc). Along with some other friends they sold their products at craft shows and holiday bazaars. I made the soap from scratch and they did the melt and pour type. We did candles too.

One thing I want to is to establish a business with them again. They are getting older and lately realized that in ten years, my oldest daughter will likely be married with children (or not, but still). Anyway, I want my girls to understand what I had to learn the hard way about the Proverbs 31 woman--she had skills. I also try to impart some writing skills to my kids. So far, I've got two possible future writers. We'll see what God will do. It's all for His glory anyway.

What do you want to impart to your family this year? What legacy of faith have you been given? Don't assume that your children know. Share it with them.

Father God,

I thank you for all the children You have blessed me with. Help my husband and I to impart to them a love for You and Your Word and a passion to do Your will in the earth. May each of our children change the world for You, right now at the age they are and in every place they are. Send good and godly friends who will sharpen them and lift them up when they need it into their lives and give us wisdom to guide them into your glorious destiny.

In Jesus' name,

About the Book

When her tall, dark, delicious husband joins their three kids in calling her “Mom,” Karol Simons has an identity crisis. Sure she loves the pint-size trio, but what’s happened to her dreams of writing a novel? Determined to have it all, she turns to her neighbor for help.

Dyanne Thornton is thrilled to stand in as Mom for three weeks so Karol can write. Bursting with baby fever, the career-woman trades her glamorous clothes and four-inch heels for the playground and potty training. She hopes to convince her reluctant husband they should start a family of their own, right away.

Everyone’s in for some big surprises…

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