Friday, February 5, 2010

7 Lessons for L.I.F.E.: Living in Favor and Expectancy

Lesson 2: Be grateful.

Exodus 16:2 in the desert the whole community grumbled against Moses and Aaron.(New International Version)

Once again, we find the children of Israel complaining. Even after the many miraculous works of God, as soon as times got tough, they wanted to go back to the familiarity of slavery.

Truthfully, they didn’t really desire to go back to Egypt, they just wanted life to be easier.

With jobs, children, spouses and the wear and tear of everyday life, it's easy to forget all of the blessings God has given us. We can lose our perspective on God's control of our lives when the physical, mental, and emotional demands or our many roles and responsibilities take their toll. Our perspective becomes somewhat convoluted and ungratefulness creeps in if we focus too heavily on material things while taking what we have for granted. We become complacent and our tendency is to forget that all good things come from God. Our security is no longer in Him but in what we possess. We congratulate ourselves rather than glorify Him.

We must be careful not to see God as a "Sugar Daddy" or someone we call on only when we need Him; neglecting to commune with Him when life is going well. Our relationship with God during the good times shows where our sense of security really lies.

Like the Israelites in Numbers 31: 48-50, we should eagerly offer up a sacrifice and a testimony of praise when God has delivered us.

If we are to truly have a relationship with God, include Him and acknowledge His presence even in the good times.
Be grateful.

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