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Find out what kind of Legacy Author Brian Ganges wants to leave with his writing

What makes you powerful as a person and a writer?
I’m real, I shoot straight, and I have a balanced understanding and relationship with the Word of God. I realize that we all have struggles and issues, and we all aren’t on the same level in life. For this reason, people gravitate towards me; they open up and they can relate to me a lot of times. I’m also not afraid to say publicly what many people are thinking and/or talking about in more private settings. I have gotten a lot of appreciation for saying some of the things that I have said.

Who are your favorite authors?

Apostle John and the Apostle Paul are my two favorite Christian authors, and G. Edward Griffin is my favorite secular author. The Apostles are many favorites because they allowed the Lord to use them to write so much of the richness of the New Testament. They allowed themselves to be the vessels that brought us much of His Word. That is an inspiration to me to allow God to further use me to deliver great measures of truth to His people. I enjoy G. Edward Griffin, author of “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” because he took very complex subjects like finance, World History, American History and Politics, and created a very fascinating, informative and very exhaustive book. It took skill to bring all of those subject matters together into one book and to be able to make it interesting.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Of course I get my inspiration from God. But I use a lot of real life situation and God uses them to give me insight and perspective about the issues of life. Anyone who has seen some of my Facebook status posts or has read the “Proverbs” section of my book, knows that I use simple illustrations in order to convey very timely, encouraging and inspirational messages.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your career?
I can say what I want. I’m not a politically correct person, and I’m not a “yes man.” So I enjoy expressing myself. My purpose is never to hurt, offend or embarrass anyone, but right information dispels ignorance and wrong decisions if the listeners heed the right information.

When you have completed a project, how do you celebrate?
I generally treat myself out to a great meal and I watch the complete DVD series of the Three Stooges, Flintstones, or Sanford and Son. I must unwind with a few good laughs on a daily basis, and especially after completing a job well done.

What would readers be surprised to know about you?

I’m a big fan of The Three Stooges, The Flintstones, Play Station, and I love to snow ski.

A Legacy is something that is handed down from one period of time to another period of time. What legacy do you hope to leave behind with your writing?
I want readers/writers to be free in Jesus; not in religion; not in what their friends are doing; not in the latest fashion; not in what their Church teaches. But freedom in Jesus and a strong, nurturing and fulfilling relationship with Him is what I want for every reader. If people seek Him and His Word after reading my books or hearing me, then I accomplished the task that I set out to do.

My 2011 release is entitled, “Lord, Deliver Me From Church Folks.” It is a follow-up to my current book, “Piecing the Puzzle Together.” While my current book shows readers how to set themselves on a sturdy foundation of the Word for a more productive and God-centered life, “Lord, Deliver Me From Church Folks” shows the readers how to use that mindset to find sound answers to relevant (and often) “swept under the rug” questions.

Many people go to Church to look for: answers to questions, God, healing, understanding, fellowship, etc. But often times, people leave the Church frustrated, offended, confused and/or hurt. This book eliminates all of the guesswork, myths, opinions, traditions of men, and the misconceptions that have plagued the Church, and it deals with many of the hard-hitting questions in a tasteful and a Biblical way.

Questions such as: Should we tithe? To what extent should I obey my Pastor and those that are in authority over me? Is oral sex a sin? Can my girlfriend and I take a sexual test drive before we get married? Can I listen to secular music? Can I go to the movies? How does God really feel about sexual relations between members of the same gender? These questions and so much more are all answered in the book. Right information dispels ignorance, and after reading “Lord, Deliver Me From Church Folks” you will no longer be ignorant of God’s way.

How long did it take to write your book?
Well, I’m still writing it. I had a set back late last year (due to a knee injury) and had knee surgery early 2011. I plan to be done summer 2011. So with the delay, I’d say this book will take me a year to write.

How did you develop the idea into a full length story?

I wanted to continue along the same vein as the letters of the New Testament to the Church. Paul and others were writing letters of instruction, encouragement and doctrine to the saints (believers in Christ). I wanted to make this book seem more personal rather than instructional; however, I still want the readers to come away from the book with relevant instruction, encouragement and sound doctrine.

Do you use an outline or do you let your story unfold naturally?

Most times, I do outline my work. Other times, it just flows. I do try to maintain a structure of outlining; it helps to categorize points, to segway into other points and to make cleaner transitions.

How many hours a week do you devote to writing, including research?

It varies; sometimes 10, sometimes 30 hours. It all depends upon how I’m feeling and how it’s flowing.

How do you keep a balance between family, work, and writing?

Yikes! This is definitely a balancing act. When you work a full-time job, you give your best and most productive hours to someone else, so I’m left with evening and weekends to fulfill my other obligations. It’s tough, but all I can say is that it is a balancing act for sure.

What literary organizations or writers groups would you recommend to writers in your genre?

From your experience, what key ingredients do new writers need to succeed in the book industry?

You have to have a message to an audience that wants to hear that message. What good is a library full of books, if there is no one in the town that can read or wants to read? You have to make your message relatable to the target audience; connect with them where they are. Then you must get your message/book into the marketplace where your audience can hear/see you; and continue to make yourself and your message known.

Have you ever experienced writers block, and if so, how did you deal with it so that you could begin to write again?

Sometimes I meditate, and sometimes a good laugh always helps me out. I have to take a break from the monotony of doing business and my personal life, so the Three Stooges, the Flintstones, and Sanford and Son generally do the trick.

Are you devoted to your genre or do you see yourself writing in another genre at some point in the future?

I like the Christian self-help books, but I can see myself writing a fiction book. I’m still pondering the idea, but I’m open.

Are you working on new material? If so, tell us about what you are currently working on and when we can expect to see it on the market.

After “Lord. Deliver Me From Church Folks”, I plan on publishing a book of inspirational thoughts called “Living Gems: Daily Thoughts” and I am considering my first fiction novel that depicts the life of a Church playboy that turns his life completely over to Jesus. A lot of men and women will be able to relate to this story, because many times, the Church is used like a dating service. Some men and women come to Church for the wrong reasons, all dressed up, looking good, and smelling good. Somebody’s flesh is bound to get loose. It will be a good and realistic story of deliverance.

How can others reach you?

My website is and I can be reached there with any questions/concerns. My book are also available through my website, P.I.T.S.,, and Barnes and Noble.

What last words of encouragement would you like to leave with our readers?
Don’t give up. Things happen for a reason, and they happen in their season. What is your message or goal in life? Start writing, today. Research the industry. Start an outline. Do a character sketch. Find out what other authors in your genre are doing. It doesn’t have to be a literary goal. Whatever you want to do, plan it out and start to act on it. Opportunities come to doers, not waiters.

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