Monday, June 11, 2012

The Putting Away by Sharel Gordon Love

About the Book Denise, a single mom, has finally met the man of her dreams; one she can settle down with. As a bonus, he is the perfect partner to help her to raise her son, Amir. Bernard loves Denise with all of his heart, and other than his weekend drinking binges, he’s a pretty good man. The break up to make up scenario makes it all better and pacifies Denise every time. Tonya and Gary are dealing with trust in their marriage and must come to terms with major issues that are adversely affecting their family as a whole. Finding their way back to the loving arms of one another has proven to be a difficult task. Will Denise stop making excuses for the man she loves, or will she continue to allow abuse to shatter her life? Will Tonya and Gary return to each other and trust be restored in their marriage? As every act of abuse takes away a small part of them, will there be nothing left to take? The Putting Away is a heart-wrenching, yet formidable tale of how the power of God can heal any situation, even those that are put to the test.
About the Author Born and raised in Plainfield, New Jersey, Sharel E. Gordon-Love started writing at the age of six, winning immediate recognition for her essays and short stories. Her first nonfiction work, "Is There Hope for the Black Male?" was published by Black Child Magazine in 1994. Certified in Microcomputer Technology and Business Administration, Ms. Gordon-Love graduated from Berkeley College of Business in 1993. She is currently a student at Ashford University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. A licensed evangelist in the Church of God in Christ, Sharel and her family attend New Reid Temple C.O.G.I.C. in East Orange, New Jersey. There she serves on the Administrative staff, Youth Department, and Women's Department ministries. Ms. Gordon-Love resides in North Plainfield, New Jersey with her family. Sharel's Website

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