Thursday, August 15, 2013

What is Your Personal Currency?

What is your personal currency? What do you feel you have to provide to the world as a whole, and is that offer given the value, validity, and respect it merits? Are you happy? When you judge yourself, as we
all do, how do you measure up? Are you an evenly appreciated part of society? Are you predictable? Do you ever feel compromised in any case? When you think of your worth what springs to mind? This subject
may bring out emotions and reactions that surprise you.

For instance, what are the parameters you use to value your worth? Do you consider:

  • Your marriage?
  • Your power to provide for your children?
  • Your success in your career?
  • Your friends and family relationships?
  • Your spare-time activity and hobbies?
  • Your sense of welfare and fulfilment?
  • Your allegiance to assisting others?
  • Your religion?

Do you even think about your worth at all? Perhaps not in so many words, but the matter of worthiness probably arises for you again and again, and it's demonstrated by behaviors that don't serve you well; fear, depression, inferiority.

Many of our ideas of worthiness come from a place deep inside that was forged by factors associated with outside influences. So the question is are we incapable of determining our own standards? Misconceptions to external and internal influences can regress us into a state of weakness. Do be aware that such unconscious thought may indeed have been included in the messages you were given as a child, and it may invade your behavior when you least expect it.

Here's a significant note for you to write down and read often: refuse it. Play to your specialties, not your failings. Self-confidence is your best asset.

Why is it significant to comprehend your true value or personal currency? Because your survival, sense of well-being and success literally depend on it.

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