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Why the Tynesha Stewart Story is Part of a Bigger Problem

From: Cheryl Lacey

Cheryl Lacey-Donovan Author of Women What the Hell are You Thinking Explains Why The Tynesha Stewart Tragedy is Indicative of a Much Larger Problem


Cheryl Donovan, Author of Women What the Hell are You Thinking, Tells Why the Tynesha Stewart Story Is Indicative of A Much Larger Problem

Houston author asks in her new Book
"Women What the Hell are You Thinking?"

Why Tyneshia Stewart's Death is Indicative of A Much Larger Problem

Texas - March 30, 2007- When you look at tragedies like the one that occurred with Tynesha Stewart who was a Texas A&M student whose boyfriend confessed to strangling, dismembering, and burning her, you have to wonder what was on her mind when she decided to go anywhere near her alleged killer.
According to the CDC nearly 5.3 million incidents of intimate partner violence occur each year among U.S. women 18 years of age and older.

" Why is it that we as women do not listen to that voice in our head that tells us to stay away. Timothy Shepherd was Tynesha's ex-boyfriend for a reason. Why do women place so little value on their own lives?"

Author Cheryl Lacey-Donovan has written a book entitled "Women What the Hll are You Thinking" that addresses this and other issues of conflict resolution, self discipline, self esteem, and self worth.

Women What the Hell Are You Thinking uses well learned life lessons to show women how the choices they make play a role in their current situations thereby affecting their purpose and their destiny. By helping women to identify their personal issues, the book seeks to expose the charactersitics that keep them living in poverty, with low self esteem, and in abusive relationships.

Meet The Author

Cheryl Donovan will be at the San Antonio Book Fair on Saturday, April 14, 2007 from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. She will also be available during a book signing at the Shrine of the Black Madonna Book Store in Housotn , Texas on Saturday, May 19, 2007 from 3:00 - 5:00 pm. Visit the website at for additional information on upcoming appearances including her new radio talk show "Worth More Than Rubies" which begins on Friday, May 11,2007 at 11:00 am..

About The Author

Cheryl Donovan's life is a true reflection of God's faithfulness. Mrs. Donovan encountered God at an early age. Yet, at the age of 17 she found herself struggling as a teenage mother. She was also the victim of domestic violence and after a few years of trying to do things her way, she decided to place all of her trust in the fact that God could and would work miracles in her life.
"I understand how we as women believe that we can change or otherwise help the men in our lives, but at some point we need to listen to that small voice inside of us that tells us when a particular situation is dangerous or insurmountable."
"All of the women that I have advised over the years have had similar stories, low self esteem, abusive relationships, and poverty. I too have endured some of these same realities. I just felt like it was time to write a book that tells women that the situations that they are in don't have to be permanent. There is hope, but their choices must be different if they expect their circumstances to be different. Poor choices lead to poor circumstances.
In her present position as an educator, she has had the opportunity to advise many women on issues that are addressed in her book.

Mrs. Donovan is a member of the Windsor Village United Methodist Church and has lived in the Hiram Clarke area of Houston, Texas for 33 years. Mrs. Donovan is also an online mentor for Christian Women Today and the host of a new internet radio talk show entitled "Worth More Than Rubies" which can be heard on Fridays from 11:00 - 12:00 on Red Church Radio beginning May 11th, 2007.

Additional Information
Mrs. Donovan chn be reached for interviews by contacting her directly through e-mail or phone at the following:

phone: (832) 265-4845

You may also visit the website at:

The Author will be in the following areas and can be booked for book signings, book club appearances and interviews by contacting

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Women What the Hell are You Thinking: An Inspirational Guide To Becoming A Virtuous Woman
by: Cheryl Lacey - Donovan
ISBN: 1598727397

A Virtuous Woman 14419 Campden Hill Houston TX 77045

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Duchessdon said...

Hello to everyone, I’m A.T. Foxx the author of the book called "Women Are Angels, This Is Why They Cry". I will answer the question of why the tragedy of a Texas A&M student happened and it will continue to happen unless women stop putting their life on the line when it comes to relationships with men.

In my book it talks about the biggest mistake women make when getting into a relationship with a man. Most women tell too much about themselves in conversation with a man, telling him her likes and dislikes in relationships and in life. Many will not agree with that, so let me tell you what happen’s when you have this type of dialogue with him. He will remember everything that you tell him about yourself, and us it against you. He will become that person you like, by doing everything you like and staying away from the things you dislike. He will become an actor in your life. Now this relationship is a lie just as quick as it started.
Most men hide his bad characteristics from you, until you fall in love with him. In our society beauty is something to love. This is why I wrote the chapter called Flesh vs Love. In most relationships, flesh is the first attraction. I’m sorry to say that most of our young women don’t know how to move forward from flesh, to love. They continue to love the flesh.
In Tynesha Stewart’s case, she fell in love with this young man early on in the relationship, knowing things about him that her family and others did not. When you’re in love with some one, you feel that you’re safe no matter what the situation may be. I understand why she went to see him. This young man knew exactly what to say to her, to make her feel safe, using her love for him to his advantage.

Many times young women are warned about the dangers of a relationship that could go bad. In my second chapter "Missing The Message", it talk’s about how many times we miss the warning signs. Tynesha was worn by many of her family member that this man was not right for her. But Tynesha has seen the good he had in him, ignoring the bad things he has done, after she fell in love with him.
This book teaches women to have an exploratory conversation with a man so that she can pull those bad characteristics out of him. The information that she discover by having this type of conversation with him, will help her make an informed decision on if she want him in her life or not.

Please young women, stop missing the message! We can find many reasons why we keep on missing the message! Most of the time the message is right in front of our face but yet we fail to see it. The message comes in many different forms yet we never seem to get it. In relationships we keep making the same mistakes because we are not getting the message.

When your mother tells you that you’re too young to be in a relationship with that man (are you getting the message). Maybe it is your best friend, telling you that he is not right for you (are you getting the message). What about when your older sister tells you that you should not tell all of your business about you and your man to your girlfriends (are you getting the message). Like when your man tells you that he needs some space (are you getting the message). When your man would rather be with his friends then with you (are you getting the message)? When your man tells you he loves you, but gives you no action to back it up (are you getting the message). When your man hit you for the first time. I’m sorry is not the answer you need (are you getting the message). Like when your man tells you that he doesn’t love you anymore, (anymore?) did he really love you in the first place? (Are you getting the message)?

To hate is not the answer to this problem of our society today, change is the answer and the time is now. Please read the next paragraph and take this time to change your ways.
This day is my day to change, to rediscover my life. This day I will become a better person in life. I will open my heart, mind body and soul to God and let him guide me into a wonderful life that I could not see without him. This day I will reinvent myself into a strong woman that no man can put me under. This day I will understand that I must welcome change into my life. This day I understand that my true beauty comes from the inside, and no one can tell me otherwise. This day I know with God on my side, I am free of abuse both mentally and physically. This day I will come out of depression and stop feeling sorry for myself, and start living my life again. This day I will start taking control of my finances and get my life in order.
This day I will no longer depend on a man for support, because at a drop of a hat he can leave.
This day I find the true meaning of love, and I’m loving every minute of it. This day I will speak out for myself and stop letting people take advantage of me. This day I realize that flesh is not something to love, because loving flesh can destroy me. This day I’ve become a new woman and I’m coming out to let the world see the new me! This day is for me to change!

By A.T. Foxx
Author of "Women Are Angels, This Is Why They Cry"