Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is Hip Hop Really Responsible for the Degradation of Women

It is my personal opinion that each person must take accountability for their own actions and while I am not particularly happy with some of the terms that are used to describe women in the lyrics heard on some rap albums, I must point everyones attention to the fact that daily soap operas also have resorted to using profane language and showing partial nudity on regular TV in the middle of the day. I believe society as a whole has degraded itself. Furthermore, the women in the videos are accountable for their own actions. No one holds a gun to their heads and makes them girate on camera. We as women are just as responsible for our degradation as anyone else. We allow these things by actively participating. My book "Women What the Hell are You Thinking" deals with the fact that women need to take responsibility and be accountable for themselves. You must first respect yourself before others will respect you. People only do what you allow them to. If you behave like a "b#***, or a w#**** then people will treat you like one. When you behave like a lady then people treat you like one. Women What the Hell are You Thinking stop participating in and allowing yourselves to be degraded in genres like this. If you're not available for the video, then the video can't be made.

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