Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What's the big "Secret"?

Is it really a secret or did we just forget?

A few months back all the world was a rage about the new book and DVD called "The Secret. Personally, I didn't realize that any of the concepts in the book were actually a secret. I am an avid Bible reader and many of the ideas brought forth in this book are simply (in my mind) spin offs from Biblical principals that were written about long ago; which brings me to my next issue.

I was once told that this is probably the first unchurched generation. As a result many of them may never have picked up a Bible. Forget having read one! Therefore, it has become painfully obvious that we must seek new ways to tell an old story. Thus, I guess, "the Secret."

In my conversations I have heard that avenues such as plays, You Tube, My space, and others have now usurped in someways, the church in getting the message across. Books, too are helping, but even in that area many times audio books are preferred.

It is my guess that if we don't become more creative in our worship the "Secret" will be lost or at least forgotten.

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