Saturday, July 26, 2008

Are African American Women Being Held Hostage by the Welfare System?

Purported as being assistance for women, the welfare system is anything but. It's punitive nature only serves to make women more dependent. Housing, medical care, and food are all a part of what this system offers. If asked what they would choose, welfare or a minimum wage job at a fast food restaurant (which is what most welfare recipients are educated for), many of these women will choose welfare.

In addition, when these women do try to better themselves through education or entry level jobs, they are faced with the threat of their assistance being taken away prematurely.

And what about family preservation? If these women want to make a life with the fathers of their children, they can forget it.

The system was designed for failure. Instead of being a hand up it has become a hand out. When asked, many of these women can't even tell you why they're on welfare. The best they can do is say that there mother was on it too.

I'm left to wonder what has happened to good old fashioned work ethics. I have said before and I will say it again, it seems that in the past we did so much with do little and now we have so much and we can't seem to do anything.

The sense of entitlement seems to have permeated every facet of our society. We must begin to change the mindsets of those destined to live on the welfare system perpetually. We must show them that there is another way.

It's easy to be an armchair quarterback and talk about everything that's wrong about the way the system works, but it takes a lot more effort to get out of the chair and participate in making the change.

The cyclical poverty that is the environment of mothers who are on welfare must be changed by us collectively if we are to ever see a difference in our society.

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