Saturday, November 8, 2008

Let Me Introduce Myself

I would like to introduce myself as well as my debut novel entitled, “Family Secret…Lies & Alibi’s”. I am Nanette Buchanan, a native of Newark, New Jersey. I am a proud mother, wife and grandmother. I am currently an employee of the State of New Jersey as a Senior Corrections Officer and look forward to retiring and writing full time.

I began writing in 1975 while attending Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Poetry, children stories and now novels are a part of my writing experience. My poems have been read publicly, sold as greeting cards, and as personalized gifts.

I made the decision to self-publish my first novel in 2007 with the encouragement from family, friends and those who have read many of my other works. Family Secrets, Lies & Alibi’s is an adult fiction- romantic suspense with a dramatic twist.

The main characters draw one into their world of drama and chaos, which is unraveled after the death of D.Q. Mince. Darrell Mince finds that the life he has with his family is slowly turning into a mountain of secrets and lies. He leaves his home and two years later is confronted with the death of his father. As the story progresses Darrell Mince finds he is not his father's only child. He is named the executor of his father’s estate and is sitting across from the woman whom he has had a two-year relationship with. While caught in a web of emotions, he must sort through the lies and alibis left by his father to find out how and why he is tied into a family he never knew. As he uncovers these secrets, Darrell finds himself creating secrets of his own. Darrell must now keep those secrets to protect the business and his family. Any avid reader would enjoy the suspense filled romance between Darrell and Dershai and keeps the reader at the edge of their seat as the drama builds page after page.

My novel simply poses questions that require long thought and imaginative thinking about a taboo topic……Forbidden love. Family Secrets, Lies and Alibis… is well worth each page of writing, leaving the reader anxious for the answers written in the sequel, A Different Kind of Love.

My books are sold on Amazon;; and (for poetry e-books).

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