Saturday, November 8, 2008

Restoration of Hope

Restoration of Hope- President elect Barack Obama

It became clear it needed to be done
No one knew his goal, his acceptance of the mission
The doubters never knew the turbulence had begun.

Someone had to be the lead; someone had to make a way,
The journey seemed forever but his faith kept obstacles at bay

As the days passed his message gained momentum, he had the ability to unite
People began to listen, hear, and feel; we all connected
Yes We Can; the vision was now in our sight.

The change was long waited,the trodden paths our ancestors walked
The change that they died for, ran for, and march for;
We heard about that change each time he preached, each time he talked.

The sins of our forefathers the invisible strong hold.
The sins of bigotry and hatred, the divide, the undeniable control.

Their were those who followed immediately;
those who had a mustard seed of faith;
All were determined to stand up, the change could no longer wait.

Tired of the problems brought on by top officials those with the upper hand;
God sent this duplication, this messenger sent from heaven again with a plan.

We've seen the messenger talking amidst the multitudes, inspiring all ages,
setting a tone for progress regardless of race
We've seen the messengers; John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King
and now Barack Obama has taken their place.

The change has come, the vision is clear we are no longer in dimmed light.
We must hold on to our faith, keep our eyes to the heaven's
with new vision new insight

The change has come, the people spoke with an outcry, with each vote
One voice, with power, now it begins the restoration of hope.

A Tribute to the President Elect Barack Obama 2008

(c) 2008
Author, Nanette M. Buchanan

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