Monday, December 1, 2008

Author Tamara Angela Grant presents...The Cooling Board

You’ll never put this literary phenom in a box! We were first introduced to not only beauty but brains, with a story to tell, in Tamara Angela Grant, with her debut Promises Made, Promises Kept and now with the highly-anticipated, The Cooling Board. Tamara is intrigued by human nature and what makes people react to situations. A licensed social worker by day, Tamara witnesses human interaction in its most deep and pure form, often times seeing those who’ve hit rock bottom. Tamara’s writing provides an opportunity for discussion and for people to really talk about how things affect them. Clever wit, skillful dialogue, masterful plots, coupled with real-life circumstances regarding the truth about family and relationships, will engage readers and promote changes they want to make to themselves and in life in general. As a writer, Tamara's gift of storytelling brings her readers into the world of her characters and Tamara promises to keep her readers turning pages! Tamara is not only an author, but a literary publicist as well ( She is also a contributor for Victorious Magazine (
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