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Single Mothers Welfare and Child Support are not Your Source!

By Worth More Than Rubies Ministries

Dated: Dec 02, 2008

Cheryl Lacey Donovan speaks with Don Durant about her new book The Ministry of Motherhood.

Court ordered child support was designed to assure that children are cared for financially by both parents.

"I received a court order for child support but never received a penny after the order was made," Says Lacey-Donovan, author of the soon to be released Ministry of Motherhood.

To add insult ot injury Cheryl says she tried to collect through a private agency and was told that everyone was trying to get money from her ex-husband.
Cheryl's experience is not uncommon. She says the Attorney General's office focuses more on mothers who are on public assistance because the government wants to recoup some of its money.

"Even then many mothers never receive a dime. That's why I advocate that mothers take a different approach. You see, I had to learn that Child Support was not my source. My true source was God. Once I began operating from that belief, my life began to change."

Cheryl's says that mothers need to stop focusing so much on receiving money from others and begin to look to themselves for the financial security they seek.

"The truth of the matter is, many of these men were not responsible from the outset, so assuming that they will be responsible fathers is a jump," says Cheryl

Don Durant will be interviewing Cheryl on Saturday, December 13, 2008. Log into 4pm EST. To call in for the discussion dial 718-305-6322

About the Author

Cheryl Donovan's life is a true reflection of God's faithfulness. Mrs. Donovan encountered God at an early age. Yet, at the age of 17 she found herself in a constant struggle as a teenage mother. So, after a few years of trying to do things her way, she decided to place all of her trust in the fact that God could and would work miracles in her life. She was walking a tough road, but God was walking with her. Through the love and support of her family and friends, Mrs. Donovan was able to persevere.

"All of the women that I have advised over the years have similar stories; low self esteem, abusive relationships, poverty. I too have endured some of these same realities. I just felt like it was time to write a book that tells women that the situations that they are in don't have to be permanent. There is hope, but their
choices must be different if they expect their circumstances to be different. Poor choices lead to poor circumstances. I want readers to comprehend the message that failure is not an option, especially when you have children. It is my hope that the life lessons and biblical references provided in "Women What the Hell
are You Thinking" and The Ministry of Motherhood will show women of all ages and colors that failure is not an option in any aspects of their lives. Women have always been over comers but they must find it within themselves to persevere."

Mrs. Donovan hopes to affect the lives of women in a profound way. Her passion is fueled by the many life changes that have affected her over the years. Cheryl understands adversity and realizes that you can't keep life from happening, but the choices that you make can determine the circumstances that you find
yourself in.

Her captivating messages are presented with passion and conviction as she connects with her audience through her conversational style. Learn more about Cheryl by visiting

About the Book

In the Ministry of Motherhood,author Cheryl Lacey Donovan tackles the issue of single parenting with raw emotion, insightful lessons, biblical references and relevant life changing inspiration for mothers of all ages. It will minister to women who are living the life that Cheryl has overcome. The empowering
refreshing messages will challenge mothers to look inside themselves for change. It will help them to identify the strongholds in their lives; public assistance, lack of education, abusive relationships, and tear them down with the help of the creator so that they can in turn take the steps necessary to build a better life
for themselves and their children.

Cheryl's transparency in The Ministry of Motherhood tears down all of
the excuses for why single mothers can't succeed. It breaks away at all of the lies that are told about why single mother's are in their current situations; and it defies the statistics that say the children of single mother's will never amount to anything.

The Ministry of Motherhood is Cheryl's journey from being a teenage parent to being a successful mother, author, talk show host, and inspirational speaker. It tells of Cheryl's transition from the devastation of an abusive marriage which left her with two sons at an early age to her testimony of deliverance and release. It
gives an insightful look into what it means to be a "mother"; the hard choices, the sacrifices, the dreams deferred. The Ministry of Motherhood is more than just a mere book. It is a testimony of God's ability to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever ask.

This book is a must read for mothers of all ages

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